Saturday, 28 January 2017

Cranmere Bog - White-fronted Geese

Cranmere Bog continues to pull in the Geese and the latest additions to the winter list was a group of five Russian White-fronted Geese. The Gyppo had departed but with the six Tundra Beans it made for an impressive sight - albeit at a fair distance!

So, record shots strictly the order of the day but what a record!

The 'Birds of a feather' rule was strictly adhered to initially...

But became a little more random as they fed.

And then seemed intent on a drink and wash...

Couldn't get on them all but here's the White-fronts dropping in

Then getting ready to return to the field!

Whilst I got the Tundras Beans flying out!

The Bewick's Swans were still in the usual field at Cound, four of them but they were well split up!

At least the four Whooper Swans stuck together!

Not a bad mornings work for Shropshire and the January tally (not to be added to as another throat virus kicked in) moved on to 101 with the White-fronts :-)