Monday 12 September 2022

Venus Pool - Emperor Goose

When I heard about this Wayward Goose I unashamedly rubbished it and with the attention it's been attracting, it's now cool to be plastic... That us if you're as good looking as this Emperor Goose!

And it was close up and personal at VP  late afternoon! Tiptoeing through the Lapwings :-)

And taking on the Greylags!

It couldn't have got much closer?


My favourite had to be this wing flap...

Fresh in all the way from Alaska, honest...

Saturday 10 September 2022

Priorslee Lake - Common Tern

John Reeves kick started his day with a Common Tern at Priorslee Lake. Better still, it was still there late morning! And pretty obliging as it ranged over the whole lake for an hour or so...

Here's a selection of pics in chronological order. What a welcoming fly by! It's an adult already  in winter plumage and the first image shows the dark carpal bar and secondaries, dark bill and white forehead...

Head on after a plunge. loooong legs!

In mid-dive showing grey wash to the rump and lost tail streamers...

Three images catching the downbeat nicely!

And saving a close pass as a finale!

These were the last two (worthwhile) pics...

Just before 1.00, it then started climbing and circling, eventually heading south and lost to view!

Hadnall - Greenshank

A small flooded area in a stubble field is often a productive habitat and this Greenshank was my first for the year!

Bit of a mad paddle about every now and then every now and then!

Posing nicely!

My attention was then focussed on seeing if the Common Tern at Priorslee was still present?

Friday 2 September 2022

Venus Pool - Kingfisher

 Kingfishers seem hard to come by at VP of late but you have to grab the moment when it happens? This one lasted c10 seconds and three different poses...

Not fishing!

Thursday 1 September 2022

Venus Pool - Hobby

All my Hobby sightings this year have been distant and with two of them hawking over the trees on the far side of the pool, it looked like the same old story... Then one broke ranks and zipped across the pool... 

Three frames before I lost him!