Monday 18 February 2019

Attingham Park - Wild Goose Chase!

Been a while since something decent came my way and after nearly nodding off at VP, some news from the local bird magnet aka Tom Lowe had me walking briskly to the car....

A Greenland White-fronted Goose no less! A 5 minute drive and I was soon walking along the River Tern where it was sitting down in the field across the river with a few Canadas.

What a stunner, as dark as they come!

It was busy feeding most of the time, here's a couple of brief moments when it's head wasn't buring in the grass!

As the light began to fall, by 5pm it retraced it's steps to the river where Tom had initially picked it up..

Shocking light but much closer, it was drinking water like it hadn't had any for days!

Here's looking at you...