Monday 30 July 2007

Catherton Common - Woodchat, a little closer!

An early start, to beat the crowds and a chance to savour the Shrike a little closer. Spent all morning and just a little of the afternoon to get these. Catherton Common is well worth keeping an eye on - this was virtually the same spot that the 2006 Hoopoe turned up at!

Sunday 29 July 2007

Catherton Common - Woodchat Shrike!!!

Busy in the garden when the mobile got somewhat animated (Thanks again Cheryl). A mega for Shropshire - female Woodchat Shrike near Clee Hill!!. Needless to say, dropped everything, picked up Jason and 45' later was looking at this little stunner. Bit distant as the rain began to fall...

Saturday 21 July 2007

Venus Pool - Arctic Tern up

A tea-time glance at 'Shropshire Birds' noted a 'Comic Tern' had been seen at lunch time. Outside it was throwing it down - would it still be there? Having got Sandwich and Common on the local list - it would be nice to add another? And I did, the Tern was firmly grounded by the wind and torrentail rain, although that short tail led to doubts at first, the short red bill and feet pointed to an Arctic - my third Tern species on the deck at VP this year.

Sunday 15 July 2007

Warton Crag - Little Owls and High Brown Frit

Joined the SOS group to Warton Crag for a butterfly hunt but we diverted to Eric Morcambe pools during the rainy morning (and a bacon butty at Leighton Moss). Redshanks aplenty here with a couple of Knot and a single 'Spotted' seen in the flight pic.

Once the sun came out, lots of common butterfly species on show including this Small Tortoiseshell but the High brown Fritillary was our target and obvious highlight.

A family group of young Little Owls a nice surprise also!

Friday 13 July 2007

Acton Burnell - Spot Fly at last...

I have Cheryl Davis to thank for finding a Spotted Flycatcher at Acton Burnell castle - a bird which had eluded my year list up until then. Managed to avoid being arrested (Concorde School playing fields were on a direct line behind the fence post!!) Honestly officer, I was just photographing this bird.......

Monday 9 July 2007

South Stack, Anglesey - Choughs

South Stack cliffs on Anglesey are always impressive and the Seabird colony was still in noisy residence (razorbills pictured). The Choughs were impressive - aerobatic as ever and now with youngsters....

Wednesday 4 July 2007

Venus Pool - Hobby hawking

Quite an exhilarating experience having a Hobby dashing around in front of the main hide. Keeping a long lens: on the bird, in focus and exposed correctly against sky or water is no easy feat however and there weren't many 'keepers'. I didn't realise until looking at the pictures later..... I'd caught the moment a dragonfly met an untimely end!!