Tuesday 31 October 2023

Venus Pool - Egyptian Geese

Bit of an influx of Egyptian Geese today with eight present! Five in one frame was the maximum possible...

This one seemed to be prospecting whilst calling heeeelp!!

Whilst others got into a flap!

Farewell for the time being!

Pink feet next??!

Monday 30 October 2023

Venus Pool - Jack Snipe

 An excellent surprise at Venus Pool today with a Jack Snipe present and for once showing well! 

Well sort of? A change of hide was indicated...

That's better but the short bill would be nice...

Woken from his snooze, no complaints now!

Some size comparisons?

With a Common Snipe towering over him...

Note the head pattern, the solid dark central crown stripe of Jack Snipe compared to the pale narrow equivalent of Common Snipe! Sorted!

Take your pick :-)

Nice to have a patch 'photographed' bird rather than a flushed one in Feb 2017!!

Sunday 29 October 2023

Venus Pool - Little Grebe

I literally walked in and out of the hide at Venus Pool after hearing that a Barred Warbler had turned up at Polemere. There was one bird, a Little Grebe, in front of the hide, showing quite well and having a stretch!

I took a quick burst of pics sensing the Barred was not going to show...

And yes the Barred Warbler was never seen again despite a long afternoon vigil...

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Venus Pool - Gadwall

 This male Gadwall caught my eye! Not at all dull looking but in need of a wash...

And I do like droplets!!

But no need to overdo things :-)

Monday 23 October 2023

Colemere - Cattle Egrets

North Shropshire and the Meres in particular seem to be popular for Cattle Egrets and a group of TEN were on my radar. My daughter Kate came along too (the family 'bug' for birding seems to have grabbed her!)  What a way to tick a new species for her - not just one but an amazing ten were here once more!

They were well spread out and distant - the most I could get in the camera field of view were 5 of them!

They seemed to be constantly on the move, which augured well for flight shots!

And this is a landing, not a take off!

Perhaps the pick of the bunch...

A great morning although our other target bird (Goldeneye) failed to show!

Monday 9 October 2023

Venus Pool - Great White Egret

 After being deluged with sightings of Great White Egret in 2022, I suddenly realised I hadn't seen one in 2023! Time to pay a visit and see about a few pics, while the sun was shining!!

Perched on the middle island seemed to be the limit of its activity!

Luckily I had my wits about me when it did actually take off!

Landing amongst the lapwing plus a new Little Egret mate!

Some nice size comparisons going on here...

It didn't seem inclined to chase fish!

Just a bit of preening!

That's all I reckon as the sun went in and it was shadows galore!