Monday, 2 January 2017

Venus Pool - Pine Bunting twitch day 2

The first full day after news.... A manic day but having twitched many birds and witnessed the hard work of local birders elsewhere, time for Shropshire to offer a welcome and manage parking / access / viewing. It was a great day, great bird (showing well for a while) and a great atmosphere!

When I got a chance to break from parking duties etc, I even managed excellent scope views of the Pine Bunting perched up on the kale. Decent images were still out of the question as it was so distant / contrasty light.

Here's an update for anyone visiting or keeping locals up to speed (also on bird forum)

A busy day with an estimated 500 birders through today and the vast majority saw the Pine Bunting which gave some prolonged views on the crop after c 9.30 - 10.15. It wasn't so obliging as the day went on and yes - if the bird is in view, make those around you aware - this worked well in the morning.

Despite the big crowd and initial problems coping with demand for parking, very few issues on site and everyone conducted themselves impeccably, thank you!

Tomorrow - The track leading to the area where the bird was feeding will once gain be roped off to give the best chance of prolonged views. Volunteers will strive to get everyone parked safely and onto the viewing area but there aren't many of us and it cannot be sustained. If it's busy again, anyone can spare some time to help after seeing the bird, this will be appreciated :-) This will be reviewed on a daily basis...

There is a collection for two local charities (Cuan House wildlife rescue and Shrewsbury Hospice) please note the bucket near to the entrance to the field.

One serious issue offsite - we became aware the police were cruising the narrow access road where many cars were left on the road. I don't know if anyone got stickered and we were lucky today (bank holiday) but be aware the road is used by Farm vehicles / HGV deliveries / refuse lorries so please use only the limited verges available and do not obstruct the road...

Thanks to all the volunteers and the birders who came today a great friendly atmosphere!