Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A trio for the 'ton'

A long session out with Mike Stokes and a bit of a cruise around his 'patch' - various habitats, all within a mile of so of urban or even town habitats!! First up were three Curlew, followed by a flushed Woodcock (taking me on to 99). We even sat in his lounge waiting for the neighbourhood Blackcap to put in an appearance on the garden feeders? It didn't...

So we checked out Wood Lane (nowt) and The mere roost (nowt of note) and the final destination was a Little Owl site not to be guaranteed but with darkness rapidly approaching we were met with the unmistakable profile of a Little Owl, against the run of play and bringing me 100 species for the shire in 25 days (without that much effort!)
No pics: either too distant, too unexpected when flushed or simply too dark, job done though!