Sunday, 15 January 2017

One Dipper dipping!

One good thing about my January  Shropshire mission is that it gets me out on days when dank dark condition might make me think otherwise! And with the Pine Bunting scuppering my regular  NYD  bird race, there were to be three year ticks today - stretching them out the whole month. I can't say I would ever look for a Heron but they seem to have disappeared from the VP area and this one was making a pathetic attempt to hide from me.... I can see you! And 7 Gadwall scoped from the VP car park reminded me I didn't check the fishing pool out earlier :-)

My annual January Dipper shoot, 5 minutes spent in pouring rain! They are best left in peace for the rest of the year, especially during the breeding season...

A branch or mossy stone (makes a change from a stick!) makes no difference to a dipper! Bling shining brightly... You don't see many without nowadays!

Cos they would sooner be dipping!

Or just wading in the water?

There we go, 86 species and just 12 to go before I have a big change of scene in February - lots going on and not much of it birding??!!