Saturday, 7 January 2017

Venus Pool - Bewick's Swans in the gloom!

After my 'day off' yesterday, from Pine Bunting duty that is... Back to business as usual with a daybreak start at Venus Pool. There were a handful of early comers, most oblivious (or with another priority) to a groups of four Bewick's Swans on the pool. Helen Griffiths found and alerted me to them, so with an imminent departure likely, I legged it for my camera!

Given the gloom and mist, strictly for the record, Bewick's  are 'mega' in Shropshire, in fact, I think it's been three years since I've seen any in the County!!

So forgive the grey backdrop - with the Pine Bunting not on show, these were the bird(s) of the day!

Three adults and a juvenile...

Becoming quite mobile and heading for take off?

You could sense what was imminent!


This was not ideal conditions for flight but I never say never and gloomy or not, atmospheric moments as they disappeared into the mist!

I then stared at a hedge with like minded birders for a few hours before going on a Bean Goose chase with Ian Grant (great idea and thanks for the update Reevesy!) And as for the Pine Bunting? Who knows... With no sightings today the management group took the decision this evening to lift the temporary closure of the arable field margin where it had been clearly feeding over the new year. This will be in effect from Sunday morning - please bear in mind the crop remains a no-go area and everyone must keep to the margins. If considering a visit,  all should bear in mind that members and visitors will be entitled to walk the area previously roped off and as ever the birds in the hedgerow will move about. If the Pine Bunting is refound (wherever) restrictive access measures may be reinstated.