Thursday 31 August 2023

Venus Pool - Egyptian Goose

There was a time Egyptian Goose were scarce at VP but nowadays seen virtually every day? An injured one has attracted a partner... 

That's it for this year :-)

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Worlds End - Knot

I'd kept away from water and Whixall Moss for most of the Summer once the biting insects too hold but I was tempted by a  juvenile Knot found at World's End by Howard Prince during the afternoon! I got there early evening and it was still there, not as close as earlier but near enough for record shots!

I was greeted by a wing flap!

Then pretty relentless feeding and covering quite a large area...

It was hard to judge distance but anywhere between 60-100 metres..

The one and only brief moment at it's nearest and fairly open water!

My fifth in Shropshire and ten years since my last encounter with one. They ain't easy birds!

Sunday 27 August 2023

Venus Pool - Peregrine and Hobby

A bit of action today from two of the most accomplished raptors that visit Venus Pool. Firstly an adult Hobby.  Always over trees across the pool, catching dragonflies..

Soon to be joined by a juvenile male Peregrine (probably a male), living up to his reputation as a speed merchant and pretty acrobatic it was too!

I had to settle for some white cloud pics before it dived and chased a very lucky Lapwing over the pool which became separated from the main group! Spectacular moments which happened at such speed I couldn't lock onto the Peregrine...

At one stage it came in from behind the Memorial hide skimming the roof! Exhilarating stuff!

Friday 18 August 2023

Ellesmere - Tern fest

Wind and rain conspired to create conditions ideal for Tern passage today! Getting out and about, Tom Lowe found six Black Terns at The Mere, Ellesmere and after arriving mid afternoon, I managed to 'up' the count to nine! Thanks to John Martin for helping with ID of some of these, never easy!!

Here's a few pics of Black Terns, all except one juv were patchy adults taken at distance 100- 200m!

Here's the juv plus a couple of adults...

Teaming up with a couple of adult Common Terns...

A 1w Arctic joining in the fun...

Here's five Black Terns plus the juv Arctic...

Oh and a juv Common Tern!

A shame they didn't come closer but still a stunning spectacle!

Friday 11 August 2023

Venus Pool - Kingfisher once more

Another quiet day at Venus Pool but it only takes a moment to change things, wake up and enjoy a Kingfisher perched nearby...

A little closer with the crop...

Such a smart bird!

Thursday 3 August 2023

Venus Pool - Redshank

Strange that I've seen a Spotted Redshank this year but no Redshank has come my way! I put that to rights with a Juvenile Redshank showing quite close at times!

Eventually, the Lapwing presence would always suggest 'relocation'...

Nice obliging bird!