Sunday 12 May 2024

Venus Pool - Temmincks Stint

I was hoping for another wader and news of a Temminck's Stint at VP  had me dashing to the car! Well done Ian Sheppard on his find! It wasn't a County tick for me but it's one of those waders worth pulling all the stops out for!

Sadly the Stint had relocated to the muddy island in the middle of the pool which is a good 100m away but a record shot beckoned...

I called back late afternoon, it was still there and managed a flight shot for what it's worth!

At the rate this species drops in at Venus Pool, the next one will be due in May 2040!!

Friday 10 May 2024

Venus Pool - Marsh Harrier

A very quick look at Venus Pool to see if the Ringed Plover was still present had a surprise in store after a couple of minutes scanning then looking up... A large Raptor was flying towards the fishing pool! 

You're not the expected Buzzard! A female Marsh Harrier, sadly just a back end view into the light!

Venus Pool - Ringed Plover

The Ringed Plover was still present, very mobile but always good to see at Venus Pool...

From the main hide...

Then the Memorial hide

Another new wader for the year...

Thursday 9 May 2024

Leighton - Osprey

Just as in 2023, an Osprey turned up at Leighton this afternoon! It was very distant, perched in a tree on the far bank if the Severn and seemingly pointless getting the camera out? Sensing there would have to be a flight shot eventually, I waited (a mere 10 mins) and it flew towards me parked at the lay-by...

It banked and circled a couple of times and headed downstream hunting. Showing behaviour reminiscent of last year's bird (it may have been the same one?!)

Once out of view, it did reappear a couple of times at distance but my hunch that it hadn't flown off held true - it was back on it's favoured tree the following morning!