Sunday, 1 January 2017

Venus Pool - Pine Bunting!!!

Wow, what a turn up!! A New Years Day treat was in store for a few local and Midland birders after Simon Davies found a female Pine Bunting at Venus Pool this morning. It wasn't going to give itself up again easily and it was 2.45pm when Ian Grant refound it in the top field. Even then, it was a good 100m distant!  Great views were possible through scopes and this was a moment for the digiscopers!!

Here's a few record shots in the late afternoon murk, it sat still in the distant hedgerow for a good 20 minutes - just as well, 90% of the shots got deleted!!

The striking feature was the overall'greyness' of the bunting and absolutely no yellow present at all. The submoustachial stripe was prominent too, whiter than these images can convey! White underparts too with fine streaking. Pale eye-ring obvious through a scope.


 The brown supercilium / ear spot look spot on too...

An obliging wing flap to show off the rufous rump, 'gleaming' white underwing coverts and axillaries. (RIP Martin Garner, you are still an inspiration and mine of information to us all!)

This is likely to be a very popular bird for a day or two and the SOS committee will aim to manage access / viewing and would ask that visiting birders follow all on site instructions.

The very limited on site parking will not be able to accommodate more than 20 cars and everyone is asked to car share where possible. Do NOT park in the disabled spaces by the public hide. There is no parking  available on the narrow access lane so please do not leave cars in passing spaces, gateways or house entrances. There is limited parking in nearby Cross Houses (e.g. Village Hall) which may be the only option if it gets too busy but please take care walking down the busy A458 / lane which has no footpath!

I'll post any relevant news here and