Sunday, 8 January 2017

Green-winged Teal is back at VP!!!

Too late for Swans today but as I approached the hide at 8.30 this morning, a refreshing piece of news - the Green-winged Teal is back! And it IS the original bird I found back on the 24th November, that 'in your face' dayglo white stripe is as stunning as they come...

He's got attitude as well... absence has given him a taste for the laydeez and right from the word go he was strutting his stuff...

First weigh up the opposition?

Hmmm the guy at the back looks handy but this lot stand no chance!

The object of his desire...

You wanna dance?

Maybe we could go over to that nice quiet corner and I'll show you a good time??


Ok, just watch me move...

Head poppin.-

Body rocking..

And THIS is what you call a DISPLAY!!

Just wingin it!

Hey, wait for me...

Bloody show off yanks! Give me an English gentleman any day...

Oh well, she's not my type and... at least if he's left on the shelf we wont have to contend with a local influx of hybrid creations!!

Green-winged Teal - the entertainer with attitude!

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