Sunday, 20 November 2022

Edgerley - Whooper Swans inc JZH

Two families of Whooper Swans were settled in a field opposite the Royal Hill pub today, found by John Reeves. They were in two 'loose' family groups: 2ad + 3juv and 2ad + 1juv mid morning. Another one dropped in, making 9 in total. One of the adults was wearing a yellow darvic ring and despite them being 300m + distant, I did my best to get a meaningful image of the details?

Two adults plus one juvenile...

Two adults plus three juveniles...

Adult which dropped in to make nine in total...

Here's the best I could do to decipher the ring letters which are JZH

This is a returning adult which I photographed in flight during the winter of 2019/20 on 19th Jan 2020. For more info

see here.

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Venus Pool - Snipe

Children's books often use wildlife to stimulate learning to count and I managed to get some obliging Common Snipe to gradually congregate around an imaginary crocodile today? 

One lonely Common Snipe walking into view.

Along came a second one so then there were... TWO

Standing in the water as happy as can be, a third one joined in the fun so then there were... 

It's starting to get crowded as another one made... FOUR

With room for just another one, can you guess what would arrive? Yes you got it, well done, it's Snipe number....  FIVE!

I'll forward this to Gemma and my Grandson for comment? A new career looms?  

PS They loved it!

Venus Pool - Teal explosion

Wigeon numbers had dropped dramatically today following the influx of yesterday. Instead it was an explosion of Teal which dominated proceedings. Once again, courtship took precedence but it was the sight of numerous (some of the 135 counted) exploding out of the vegetation of the middle island which was a sight to behold...

Snipe numbers set to increase next?

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Venus Pool - Wigeon influx

Numbers of Wigeon have been slowly increasing but today there was a huge influx, I counted 116 but likely to have been more. Whilst some were feeding / just standing around...

 others joined in the courtship frenzy

And some entertaining flight passes!

Water levels rising, temperatures dropping, expect more movements!

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Venus Pool - 20 yo Curlew (metal ring)

Getting a decent pic of the colour ringed (LU) Curlew at Venus Pool was easy-peasy. During mid November another ringed bird (this time bearing just a metal ring) was seen by Dave Chapman and myself. Reading the ring number would be a difficult task to say the least however! I'd got loads of images to trawl through, little thinking I could clinch the full ring number but I had a go...

The first part of the code?  P490...

The number 4 clearly follows... P4904

And then add on a 7... P49047

This image shows clearly '47' is the final part of the code... The only digit missing is an F at the start which denotes the ring size!

And here's the proud wearer of the ring FP49047 seen at Venus Pool on a few occasions in mid November. A Curlew now proven to be some 20 years old !! Ringed at Wood Lane Quarry before the dawn of colour ringing. 

With colours and large letters, ringing recoveries are so much easier nowadays but the reporting rate is still somewhat infrequent!

Friday, 11 November 2022

The Mere - Azorean Gull

Gull Roosts are not photographic studios and I should have known better than to point my camera at the throng, in particular a 3rd Winter Azorean Gull settling down in the Shire for (at least) his second evening!

Mid you, not settling down at all this eve, quick fly in, wash and brush up and then off he went! 

Dodgy image alert...

Looking as though he's been in a fight or too?

Maybe I should stick to art?

At least the Kittiwake stayed still!

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Bridgwalton Quarry - Curlew Sandpiper

It's been over 12 years* since I last saw a Curlew Sandpiper in the County but a cracking find by Martyn Owen meant I had a chance of one at Bridgwalton Quarry. I had to join a tractor/trailer journey queue which included the ascent of Harley Bank which added at least 15 mins to the short journey...

But, it was still there! Not on the nearside spit sadly but on the left side bank... 

This was the closest view, pushing on 100m...

And then it wandered further along the bank...

All the angles were covered here...

Before taking a nap!

That was all folks... If you want to see my 2010 posting (and better pics of two)  check out Chelmarsh Curlew Sands x 2 at Chelmarsh scrape 11.9.10