Wednesday 10 April 2024

Venus Pool - Goosanders

The river Severn in flood often encourages some local birds not always seen at VP to drop in and five Goosanders were enjoying the calm conditions today! They were wandering all over the pool, occasionally coming close...

Females first...

 Males are always tricky in 'white sky' conditions but I had a go...

Back to welcoming waders / terns in due course hopefully...

Venus Pool - Oystercatcher Re-sighting

A noisy minute or two kicked off when the resident Oystercatcher pair took exception to another Oyk on their territory! The VP male chased the 'interloper' in my direction so I got ready for a flight shot? It turned out to be my lucky day as I captured several nice images!

Checking out the images that evening, I didn't expect to see rings but there they were on the interloper! A quick search on the web confirmed the correct Ringing Group I had picked (Devon and Cornwall) specialised in ringing Oystercatchers! We were in business :-)

I had luckily got some half decent views of the legs in flight (Left: small Dark Blue over metal ring and Right: small yellow over White CT on dark blue ring). Here's the landing shots...

And with some lucky angles the main ring and number (White CT on Dark Blue)

This Oystercatcher was ringed at Dawlish Warren, Exe estuary (age unknown) - Devon on 2nd October 2021.

There were nine re-sightings there between 18th Dec 2021 - 5th August 2023.

A short 'move' to Starcross, Devon seen on 30th Dec 2023

Finally, his untimely arrival and departure at Venus Pool 10th April 2024 

Will be interesting to see where he's seen next?? Will he return to Dawlish Warren?

I'll check out the website from time to time....

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Venus Pool - Red Kite

Two Red Kites were present at VP today and one had the decency to give an upperwing view...

There had to be an underwing shot too...

Sunday 7 April 2024

Venus Pool - Black-tailed Godwit

I was sat with Simon Twigger checking out Venus Pool from the Memorial Hide, we were exchanging moans that the strong winds hadn't brought any waders or Terns in!! Suddenly, Simon exclaimed "Erm Jim, there's a Godwit on the island right in front of us"! 
It had either just dropped in or had been resting out of view? Whatever, the next 15 minutes gave lots of photo opportunities of a smart male Islandica Black-tailed Godwit!

It was soon feeding


Feeding again!

Then washing!

And giving a final pose...

As is took off and continued it's stay in front of the main hide (in and out of view)

OK, I got the wader but where's the Tern??  Watch this space?

Friday 5 April 2024

Venus Pool - Common Sandpiper

There were two Common Sandpipers at Venus Pool today with only one of them showing well for the camera! A pass in front of the Memorial Hide would do nicely!

As close as he could come...

Water levels still very high but hopefully more to come!

Sunday 31 March 2024

Venus Pool - Egyptian Goose action

I was ignoring the solitary Egyptian Goose which dropped in this morning but the Black-headed Gulls were giving him a hard time! Some 'different' poses were in the offing....

While a Little Grebe looked on...

Saturday 30 March 2024

Venus Pool - Little Ringed Plover

The sun was shining down on a Little Ringed Plover this afternoon, a chance for some pics hopefully?Mind the ducks and don't get to near to that Lesser!

Showing off nicely!

There were Warblers to enjoy as well!