Wednesday 31 March 2021

Bombylius major - Bee-fly take 1

I get   Bee-flies (Bombylius major) in the garden every year but I'm usually not there to see them! Lockdown has its advantages... For take one, I was content to capture them when stationary, which doesn't happen very often!

The dark leading edge to the wing is the identifying feature but realistically this is the only species likely to be found here... 

The lance like proboscis may look menacing but it's simply a feeding tube.

Seen here, drinking nectar from this flower of Ipheion uniflorum (which was a 'go to' plant for them). I normally weed these all out but a few clumps are most welcome now!

They are easily disturbed and spend much of their time flying from flower to flower, 'take two' will concentrate on this..