Monday, 19 August 2013

Venus Pool - Green sandpiper action

It doesn't seem possible to conjure up a blog relating to Green Sandpipers but they were in good form today! And there were some other participants.....

Here's two of the five present.

Confirming that they are longer leggeed and larger than a Common!

This is what preening is all about, the post wash feather ruffle......

Then flying off for action?

Seen from another angle :-)

Now unbelievably, one of the Green sands was not catching insects or invertebrates. It was, wait for it..... catching fish!!

or trying to :-) Fish instinctively know what's going on!

Nearly got one there!

There were quite a few Sand Martins over the water and they livened up somewhat when this Hobby had a couple of loops chasing them before shooting over the hide in a manner reminiscent of that Tornado!

And why can't the Lapwings just get along with each other?

It's all in an afternoons work.....