Thursday, 15 August 2013

Venus Pool - fish on the menu

 It was back to reality and somewhat drive-lagged from the 400 miles of the previous day, I managed to check out VP in the afternoon. A Greenshank was there on arrival but didn't hang about!

With nothing else happening and eyes getting heavier, I noticed a couple of Cormorants steaming closer and memories of a shoot some 5 years ago came flooding back......

No-one photographs Cormorants do they, even their mother wouldn't describe them as pretty?

But they are very efficient fishing machines and I was determined to catch the action on surfacing? With such tiny little fish on the menu, I can tell you this wasn't easy!

I did say small.....

Full frontal shots do not make them look any more endearing?

And despite their small size, fish are still slippery customers......

There was a Heron fishing nearby too and things became a little easier......

The strike!

Trust me, there is a fish there!

It's still there and a lovely shape to the droplets?

First of many!!

Welcome home - not an Eagle in sight :-(