Saturday, 31 August 2013

Neumann's Flash - Stilt Sandpiper

Another lifer and a wader too :-) It all came together after  missing the initial ''news' and I guess that was no bad thing as the initial crowds had dispersed :-)

Number one hide still had very few vantage points but it was asleep about 100m away on arrival and by the time I'd worked my way to the front row, it woke up! Still a bit sleepy judging by the mayhem going on around it! The small size and structure can all be seen here too courtesy of the lapwing.  The long neck, slightly decurved longish bill and of course those long legs!

It's an adult moulting into winter plumage and the barring on the undersides whilst fading can just about be seen

One last look.... Can the next one be little closer?