Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mull - White-tailed Eagle take 2

The day dawned dull and drizzle as a monster breakfast prepared us for the day. With just one more mission remaining, the Eagles looked like being another gloomy prospect?

As we crossed the hills to Ulva Ferry, the cloud was clearing - patches of blue sky started to appear - by the time we were boarding the boat it was 50:50 blue sky / cloud!!

I decided to spread this amazing session over two posts - two Eagles and some awesome moments!

The first Eagle was a male and it was against blue sky! The underwing shots were pretty unremarkable however as it approached.....

But then it suddenly banked to dive and the sun literally set it alight!

Ever closer - these were all frame fillers with a 300mm lens so crop really well!!

Just over the water.......

I couldnt get the whole bird for the fish pick up as it simply toooooo close!

Talons in the water....

Pick up..... (These are three consecutive frames from the burst!)

Then away

This makes a nice screen sized shot - both the eye of the eagle and the fish peering out.....

There's a big female looming next!