Friday, 2 August 2013

Thornton Res - Night Heron!!

I wasn't intending to go out birding today? Problem is, the brain seems to absorb news service information and after a restless night I woke with a start at 6.00. Park near to the church the left side of my brain was saying, it's a lifer reinforced the right side! Resistance was useless - Thornton reservoir (Leics) here I come..... after a hasty breakfast!

There was no parking near to the church either but I found a useful spot down by the res and walked round to the inlet area (no sign) but I could see a guy scoping the bank (midway between the boathouse and inlet) I was on so decided to join him.

This was what he was looking at......

Despite the distance, I was actually quite happy with these record shots - it as Night Heron after all!

I even thought it was going to dive for a fish at one point!

And there was no doubt at all what it was going to do at approx 9.30!!

Problem was, I wasn't ready for 'flight' I had just  set the camera ISO for 'quality' rather than 'speed' and got totally caught out. Despite most being affected by motion blur, one or two were worth keeping!

I couldn't believe what happened next! I presumed it was just switching bushes but flew directly to the inlet area, landing somewhere in the far corner. I hastily got myself along the bank......

Wow, it was virtually stood out in the open!!

Eventually it walked towards the dense undergrowth

Before stopping, still in full view!

Perhaps my favourite image was the Heron meekly looking upwards as a Buzzard flew over!

I'll fast forward a bit now - it did disappear out of view for an hour or so but eventually started to show again and...... proceeded to catch some fish - sticklebacks! Here's a representative sequence.

No escape now!

I saved the best (record) shot until last. You couldn't possibly repeat it or get this shot by design. There's at least 25 concentrated sticklebacks forming that white stream complete with splash down droplets!

Job certainly done!