Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mull - Lunga

Day one and a boat trip to Lunga was booked - primarily so Gemma could see her whales??? It didn't work out but the Basking Sharks were awesome!! At least six around the boat......

 including this monster fully grown leviathan!

Plenty of Grey seals on the small islands

Which are not recommended for landing on by yachts!! This one ran aground the previous day and the crew had to be rescued by lifeboat!

There were plenty of seabirds about, nothing special but they make a pleasant change from the Shropshire scene!

Gannets galore

Manxies moving everywhere

Kittiwakes - adult and 1st Summer (in need of a few new feathers!)

Around the islands, plenty of distant Skuas including this dark morph Arctic Skua

Bonxies were more plentiful!

And just a few Puffins left for Gemma

Phew - just in time for these two!!

Then they were off......

The last one?

Eagles tomorrow!