Monday, 12 August 2013

Mull - Wildlife tour

Joined up with Mull Wildlife's tour of the North today and had a pretty good day with all the targets other than Hen Harrier nailed. A bit of Geology kept Gemma happy - did you know the rocks of the North are 50-60 million years old......

Strictly record shot territory thanks to everything being either distant or into the light!!

My first connection with Otter......

You beauty

Obviously had a late night?

Had the closest ever encounter with a Golden Eagle too, as this one glided nearly overhead!

Oh to have had this moment  against a clear blue sky!!

It returned not long after the fly past, clearly carrying prey!

Well rabbits are their staple diet around here!

Over 40 bird species inc W-t Eagle plus  Red Deer, Basking Shark and with some local grazing interest -  I'll leave you with this horny ram (Scottish Blackface Sheep). Horns to be proud of eh?

And the rocks of the South are some 200 million years  :-)