Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mull - Scotch Argus and Bambi

Today (after some shopping!!!!??) was a bit of a repeat cruise around the North trying to fill a few of yesterdays blanks! No Hen Harriers again but both species of Eagle were a good start and a bit of time trying to capture Scotch Argus images (they are difficult - always on the move and when resting or feeding managing to get down deep in the vegetation!)

Typical habitat, quite high up on the 'short cut' road between Dervaig and Ulva Ferry.

It was a Butterfly lifer here! Yay :-) Nearly all males seen and most had seen better days! A few dark individuals represented fresher males.....

The effects of wing wear, presumably due to the dense vegetation?

A burst of sunshine!

And then - along the coast road, was this Gemmas highlight?

Bambi personified :-)

Sensing human scent - where my Mum?

There she is!


Deeper and deeper into the depths of the bracken.......

No bird images but that will hopefully be rectified tomorrow? The Eagles are waiting .....