Sunday, 28 August 2016

Venus Pool - Common Tern juvenile

News of Terns at Venus Pool caused me to take a break from image sorting and whilst there was no Black Tern present, camera backs didn't reveal one either.....  Oh well, there was a smart juvenile Common Tern however, which after winning over the doubters, I decided to spend an hour or so with Rob Stokes to see if it would come close?

Classic trailing edge to underwing and that distinctive long bill, it remained stubbornly distant.....

Occasionally landing on the middle islands!

But then, tired of being stomped by the Geese or harassed by the Lapwings, it came a bit closer!

Landing to the right of the hide!!

Oh dear, I use up another quantum of luck on a Common Tern!

Another flap before......

landing on the island in front of the hide!

Then slowly terning to give me every angle!

Looks like he's having the last laugh?

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