Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Restronguet Creek - Dalmatian Pelican

Well, it was only a short detour on the trip home so I set the satnav to Restronguet Creek and found the 'village green' adjacent to the creek! The Dalmatian Pelican seemed a good half mile away on the other side of the creek, but still looming large in a scope!

Having got pelagic blood pulsing through me, I chatted with a friendly family just launching their boat and asked if I could work a passage across to drift 100m or so offshore? They were up for it and the gallery had no problem either :-) :-)

It worked a charm, the Pelican was untroubled, simply carried on preening!

Pausing to check us out?

No problem!

Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed your Bass fishing!

About 40 minutes later, the boat traffic had increased and one of them got too close - with predictable results! I thought it was going to fly the whole creek and pass overhead?

Damn, it veered right down the middle....

Landing on the small rocky island where it stayed put until I decided to miss the worst of the traffic mid afternoon!

Now these would have been interesting close up?

 Insurance bird cos you never know, do you????

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