Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Porthellick -Wood Sandpiper

I've been waiting for one of these to turn up for my Venus Pool list to no avail but I wasn't about to turn one down during a free day on St Marys. Richard Stonier tipped me off (cheers mate) the Wood Sandpiper was showing well from the Stephen Sussex hide at Porthellick.....

Although it was being pushed around by the Greenshanks!

Sometimes in the right direction :-)

The brisk wind augured well for the evening pelagic??

Briefly finding the only patch of dark water which seemed to show it off much better?

And despite not coming closer than 25m, the use of reflection made smaller images loom larger!

 Calm water = more stable reflections!

Job done, another evening on the sea beckoned!

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