Saturday, 27 August 2016

Venus Pool - Bar-tailed Godwit!!

Having a break from seabird sorting so thought I'd let this one jump the queue!  It's been a bird a day on the local Patch since returning from the Scillies! This one was the best of the bunch as Bar-tailed Godwits are none too common in these parts!

It was in fact 'a Godwit' for most until I confirmed Tony's hunch from the camera back in the car park, before hastening to the hide!

Where  it was showing rather well!

By the side of the Memorial Hide.....

Just as I was hoping he'd do something about the mud on the end of the bill?

Clean again!

And then after a short flight onto the nearby island, befriending a Common Snipe....

Showing off nicely despite the lack of sunshine!

A nice Purple Loosestrife archway!

And then these were the last few moments before it mysteriously vanished!

What could be next?..... Curlew Sand, Knot and Little Stint - all seen here before but not for a few years! Maybe I should aim higher? Come on you mega!!!

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