Wednesday, 17 August 2016

St Mary's Garrison- Icterine Warbler!!

Teamed up with Dave Aitken again and it was a no brainer where we were going? The Icterine Warbler up on the Garrison had been showing again although it was pretty elusive and not showing well at all! A few birders were on the scene and with more arriving mid morning there were plenty of eyes, plenty of brief tickable views and plenty of frustration!

With two Willow warblers also present, the size difference was quite striking and it was
quite easy to pick - often sparring with the Willows and calling too! Here's the first real 'show' in the open!

Daring to emerge from the edge of the canopy!?

Wing panel showing nicely.... 

And then a lucky moment with that long primary projection nicely on show just as it was was about to fly!

Hand holding a short zoom took me back a few years but it was worth the wait and effort. I might even have another go??