Friday, 7 October 2016

Scilly day 8 - Jack Snipe

There's something captivating about Jack Snipe, they always command attention (especially when they are a local rarely seen mega back home!!) and at least two were now stealthily bobbing their way into unobstructed view....

And then the sun came out :-)

So distinctive, could you ever get one confused with a Common Snipe?

It's a popular section of my 'identity crisis' talk and striding side by side with a Common Snipe the size difference is so striking!

But you need sufficient depth of field to keep them both in focus?

And then you get motion blur, but the drilling is what they do :-)

Add a bit of habitat and I've got a couple of frame fillers to finish with....

Not quite the YBW finale but so many good days on Scilly seem to end with good birds!