Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Scilly day 19 - Snow Bunting

Snow Buntings are often confiding, always photogenic but not exactly a Scilly rarity! Nevertheless, with not a lot else happening, I picked Peninnis as the venue for the morning. And it wasn't long after I'd found the long staying Wryneck (coming later!!) that I nearly tripped over this 1st winter male Snow Bunting not far from the lighthouse....

It was initially on the footpath....

Picking up seed

And then just dying to pose for the camera!

Maybe it should have acted as a role model for the Subalpine Warbler?? More than willing to flash the spread tail!

A wing display too!

A lichen covered rock just has to be the perfect background?

But this was only hungry bird and it spent most of the time feeding on grass seeds!

Not the easiest habitat for photography?

But it sometimes leapt to reach the taller seed heads offering soime action shots!

No lichen but this rock with a clean background acted as a foil for my favourite images....

Just two of many similar poses!

Next stop, another look to see if the Wryneck was still showing......