Thursday, 6 October 2016

Scilly Day 7 - Caspian Tern!!!

It was a morning seemingly going nowhere? I'd made my way to Porthellick hoping for a close show from a Jack Snipe or two (there were 11 present but all on the far bank!) A Wryneck reported in the Porthellick House area persuaded me to move on......

I'd left Higher Moors and was walking up the road when the radio suddenly burst into life with multiple reports of a Caspian Tern seen in flight at Porthcressa and clearly heading my way. Seconds after it was "flying over the airport" - I had it in view!! Not the best of views admittedly, some 600m away and into the light but clearly the Tern in question!

After I watched it circle Porthellick pool a couple of times, it disappeared in the direction of the beach, I should have resisted the temptation (with a dodgy back) I ran......

To find it sat on the mud in the bay!

Apart from the odd wingflap and short flight, not much excitement.....

But eventually it flew over to the pool and was seen to catch a fish! It returned to the mud and I returned to the seaward hide with Martin Grant, amazed that there was a seat on offer!!

Here's why - after 30 minutes or so, the radio announced it was flying in.....

Circling the pool, clearly prospecting for a fish takeaway!

About to dive but irritatingly, it plunged behind the patch of reeds in front of the hide!!!!

But was soon seen gaining height and proudly sporting it's catch :-)


I just couldn't believe this image on the camera back, the fish was poised so perfectly lit (Grey
Mullet?) and was also poised to swiftly vanish!

Just like a hobby, why land when you can swallow in the wing?

It was now starting to disappear.....

Just a hint of tail remaining.....

Then gone back to the beach!

Leaving me to stare at this frame and wow, a lucky Jim moment :-)

Gotta be the bird AND the image of the trip so far??