Thursday, 20 October 2016

Scilly day 21 - Woodlark and Barred Warbler.

My phone app tells me I walked 14k today! Last full day so I teamed up with Rob Stonehouse and Phil and the first bird of the day was the Woodlark in a field opposite Pelistry House. It was distant, into the light, moan moan... so a record shot is all I've got!

We hitched a ride to Porthellick where a Barred Warbler had just been caught in the nets and ringed. A bird in the hand is not a sight I'd normally take in but it was nearly as close as the garden bird (opposite the health centre) of two years ago :-)

Despite yomping here there and everywhere, there was nothing elose of note! A tame ending to a pretty respectable three weeks of continuous birding which included a cold, and injured back (both of which were quickly resolved) c 120 species seen in all with just one lifer - Red-eyed Vireo (two birds!!) a shedload of decent images including the Scilly first Caspian Tern and yet more memories of these now largely forsaken islands..... I shall be back :-)