Monday, 3 October 2016

Scilly day 4 - Tresco Sora

Almost three years to the day, an adult Sora turned up at the Great Pool Tresco and what a scrum it was! I must confess I wasn't exactly looking forward to a rammed hide and fortunately it was almost quiet!!
This time a juvenile Sora was in full view almost non-stop for the first hour and despite being on the muddy margin some 60m distant, a few record shots were forthcoming,,,,,

It stayed clear of the reedbed for most of the time it was in view.....

Dark central crown stripe showing nicely.

Those big feet certainly came in handy when sprinting away from the unwelcoming Moorhens!

See what I mean!

Coming closer or simply closer crops :-)

It was never really close but you have to say awesome views!