Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Scilly day 6 - Little Bunting underfoot!

All the Little Buntings I've seen have been distant or skulking, this one certainly skulked behind vegetation at times but wow.... as close and obliging as they come!

The boatyard at Porthloo was the destination after starting the day the Black Redstart.

A ready made roped off area ensured it was never pushed (it was present ALL DAY despite the continuous flow of birders and pedestrians walking dogs etc!)

All the angles were soon covered.....

Time to just enjoy the moment whenever it showed more than just the head!

Seemingly oblivious of the gallery!

And only very occasionally moving through the only bit of clear space on the green!

Swiftly back in the grass!

The vegetation acting as a foil for the bird?

It was all about the close up moments however, they don't come that often!!

A little belter methinks!