Sunday, 18 October 2015

Scilly day 17 - St Mary's Garrison - Match of the day

The cameras were there, the crowd was buzzing with anticipation! Birders vs the Islanders for the prestigous cup and I'd taken the morning off to capture the game in pictures......

The iconic stadium....

The prize at stake.

Our heroic boys of 2015 :-)

Taking the warm up seriously, seen here practicing some sprints!

 And goalkeeper Kevin Kelly was giving notice of those safe hands!

Midfield general organising the troops!

Practicing a bit of ball control!

Another touch over sees the Islander's heads dropping :-)

And some toe crunching tactics seemed to be winning the day?

Superb lay offs from the men in green...

Winning every 50:50 tackle...

And another cross is safely deflected!

Counter attack with everyone screaming for the ball....

A dangerous free kick.....

Curling inside the far post? Noooooo!

Astonishingly against the run of play, we were 2-0 down at half time and the crowd were going wild!

The action resumed, question was could Kev save us?

Contesting every 50:50 ball...

The resolute Islanders defense were torn apart

But we still couldn't get the ball in the net!

This was our closest moment!

Just the goalie to beat.... Gooooooaaaal??

Nooooooo it's hit the post!

The crowd still going wild, slightly worried they mihght be asked to warm up? Al was primed and ready if needed!

3-0 down and another magical save from the keeper!

And another.....

And another!!

Yet another....

Despite their brave efforts, the matched ended 4-0

The noise from the crowd was deafening.

An friendly handshakes all round.

Thought's turn to the rematch in 2016 and a reversal of fortunes!

The fastest selling t-shirt in town!