Thursday, 22 October 2015

Scilly day 21- St Mary's mini pelagic

A mini-pelagic around the islands this afternoon and taking a quick look at the open sea through Tresco sound, quite sensible to be seeking shelter!!

Spoonbill still present.....

And quite adept at standing on one leg!

Or two?

Especially when take off beckons!

Then frame filling flight shots....

Other waders seen included Greenshank.....

A single Grey Plover was a trip tick ....  And here's part of an estimated 75+  strong Sanderling flock

The highlight was two Minke whales seen roughly a mile north west off St Mary's.

Quite distant but pretty amazing prolonged views :-)

Star bird display was courtesy of this Merlin, engaged in an acrobatic dogfight near one of the Western Isles - prolonged chasing of Pipits which managed to elude capture!!

A nice ending :-) And that's probably it from me..... I'll do a summary post with some galleries etc. once I get sorted back home (where I have three weeks of 'catch up' waiting!