Saturday, 24 October 2015

Lands End - Rose-coloured Starling

Following an overnight stop in Penzance, I was hoping for a decent bird to be in the area? The nearest one to tick the box was the juvenile Rose-coloured Starling at Lands End, some 28 miles from the Scillies according to the sign.....

It wasn't noticeable on arrival but knowing it favoured the lifeboat, so gave it a few minutes!

It didn't take long and proceeded to have a good preen - anyone would think it wanted it's picture taken??

Another birder stirred things up by throwing some bread down. The 300mm lens was next to useless this close so here's a couple of random iphone images!

'We need more feather detail' implored the masses after tweeting it out!

So, the 300mm lens came back out and I obliged - keeping a respectful distance with a variety of backgrounds?

A few close-ups beckoned!

Back on the grass and after having sheltered in the car for 40 minutes as the rain came down - the sune even peeked out!

Completely mobile, a chance image on one of the miniature houses on show, shame they didn't have a starling to scale?

And just to prove birds like this don't need bread, it was quite happy to pick up seeds and tasty titbits....

This was the scene awaiting me when I decided I'd had enough and was ready to start the long journey home!

Complete with burly minders, a celebrity Starling if ever there was one!