Saturday, 3 October 2015

Scilly day 2 - St Agnes Butterflies!

I'm meant to be here for the birds but with a 'no show' Red-eyed Vireo looming on St Agnes, it was a bit of a drag. In fact the highlights were at each end of the day in the form of Butterflies!

First up was a Small Copper,but not just any small copper - the very striking aberrant form 'schmidtii'. The ground color is silver white, probably the most extreme form of this quite variable butterfly.

Super form with quite striking iridescence at the base of the wings....

First Clouded Yellow of the trip as the last boat beckoned......

The only bird image of the day! The Vireo was meant to pop out (as it had done the previous day) after this Wren strutted it's stuff!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day and with heavy rain looming, St Mary's the likely island.