Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Clunton Coppice - Wood Warbler

Wood Warblers have to be right up there (usually in the canopy!) as one of my favourite mid spring birds and there is no shortage of them in their traditional haunts this year - it was time to try and get a picture or two? Record shots have normally been the norm and it seemed this tradition would be carrying on?

By watching  individual bird movements, you can learn and start to predict the next one - they are creatures of habit and have favourite perches! I had one particular image in mind.....

These were better but having connected, the next thing was to try and avoid the white sky background....

And then hope for some full on portrait shots?

Close ups even?

One fleeting but very flattering rear view!

And then I had just one aim... One I've had for a long time - a decent shot of Wood Warbler giving it all in song. The image I had in mind!

Except I wanted in closer, without twiggy clutter!

Nearly there?

Yes, this was nearly the image I had in mind!

I think I'm satisfied for once - until next year anyway!