Monday, 21 April 2014

Dartford Warbler at last!

I'd developed a bit of a fixation in trying to find a Devon Dartie. Everyone was telling me how 'difficult' they were however and with so few birds, on seemingly endless areas of Heathland, I was beginning to question the point of all the time and effort put in? But that is why you go birding sometimes....

Then - at the fourth attempt and with only a 'tickable' fleeting view under my belt, I got lucky!

I had a small flock of Linnets to thank as well, they seemed to be giving an unseen bird a hard time which aroused my curiosity and guess what , it turned out to be this male Dartford Warbler!  He was standing his ground, feisty as you like and giving me all of what seemed an eternity but was probably 30 seconds, to take some images!

It was a bit windy!

Steady now.

After the Linnet stand off, a brief show lower down in the gorse......

and then gone..... I didn't find another but never mind - one is all you need - another target bird in the bag :-)