Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Priorslee Flash - Yellow legs again

I need a Caspian Gull here which would make for a great image oportunity here. All I had today were two Yellow-legged Gulls, an adult and a 3rd Winter gull (and no sign of the Bean Goose - tucked away zzzzzzzzzzzzing on the island!)

Here's the adult which looks remarkably like the same bird seen the other day!

The 3rd Winter YLG. Head showing fine brown streaking and quite a bizarre amount of streaky black marking on the bill. The primary tips have much less white.

In flight with Lesser Black-backs. Showing subadult dark markings in the primary coverts and the extensive black wing tips typical of YLG.

The much smaller white mirror than adult on P10

Quite an action flight shot :-)

Where's me Caspo then?