Monday, 5 December 2011

Priorslee Flash - Bean and gone?

I'd spent a weekend in Norfolk resisting the temptation to dash back to
Shropshire on a wild goose chase! Bean Geese are very difficult inland birds and a Tundra Bean Goose had turned up at Priorslee Flash in Telford of all places, latching onto the local Greylag Geese. I knew it had been seen on the Sunday, so got up early in the hope of an early Monday morning tick, by 8.15 I had to get to work and apart from a single Canada, there was not a Goose in sight - the
Bean had done a runner?

I spoke with Andy Latham and he mentioned that other birders had dipped early morning, a lunchtime visit was indicated.....

On arrival, there were just a few Canadas by the island so I walked up the path and I
can't remember when I've been so pleased to see a flock of Greylag geese! I counted 103 - there were 104 Geese present however - amongst them was this long awaited 'rossicus' Tundra Bean Goose! What a year for rarities this has been in Shropshire! Having got past 200 in 2010, I thought 'ticks' would slow down to a trickle? This is my 11th New County bird this year with the tally standing at 214!

A 'record' shot was duly taken in case they flew....

I walked up the top end to hopefully get a closer view? The flash is
ringed by trees and the cover enabled a close approach without spooking
the flock, 'decent' shots duly followed....

Orange legs clearly visible as it paddled along, making it's way up to
the island (and signs of a damaged right wing!) .....

Standing out from the crowd like a ..... Bean Goose!

Then they all disappeared, tucked against the bank on the far side of
the island. I checked out the large Gulls now settling down on the