Sunday, 11 December 2011

Image of 2011 (Shropshire)

(Please Note - current posts during December will appear further below - after these Picture of the Year selections)

It's that time again - the annual end of year picture accumulation. It's been another successful year for me on the UK birding front despite 'not listing' and 230 species so far, can't be bad! The Shropshire count despite the influx of 'lifers' is a little down, but still respectable 163 a few more birds to come?? :-)

I've selected below a selection - of twenty favourite pictures (in no particular order) taken in Shropshire during 2011. You can simply select your favourite photo(s) from the assembly - always interesting for me to see which is the most popular!

You will find an voting box to the right, for this first round simply check the FIVE pictures you like most! (click thumbs to open a larger image) Five votes maximum only please! (Only one voter is possible per PC sorry!)

I will let this poll run until December 20th and then, the top three pictures will be included with more photos taken elsewhere in the UK during 2011. Voting will then begin again over the Christmas period with YOUR No 1 Picture of the Year being declared on New Years Day....

Picture 1 - Waxwing - Shrewsbury (January)

Picture 2 - Goosander - Shrewsbury (January)

Picture 3 - Lapwings - Venus Pool (March)

Picture 4 - Northern Wheatear - Titterstone Clee (April)

Picture 5 - Ring Ouzel - Longmynd (April)

Picture 6 - Grasshopper Warbler - Longmynd (April)

Picture 7 - Dotterel - Longmynd (May)

Picture 8 - Spotted Flycatchers - Venus Pool (June)

Picture 9 - Little Owl - Haughmond (June)

Picture 10 - Sparrowhawk - Shrewsbury (August)

Picture 11 - Green Woodpecker - Venus Pool (August)

Picture 12 - Hobby eating Dragonfly - Chelmarsh (September)

Picture 13 - Hobby flight - Chelmarsh (September)

Picture 14 - Ruff - Chelmarsh (September)

Picture 15 - Steppe Shrike - Wall Farm (November)

Picture 16 - Red throated Diver - Chelmarsh (November)

Picture 17 - Mandarin - Highley (October)

Picture 18 - Desert Wheatear - Titterstone Clee (November)

Picture 19 - Yellow legged Gull - Priorslee Lake (November)

Picture 20 - Desert Wheatear on stones - Titterstone Clee (November)