Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chelmarsh - Diver here for the Winter?

A planned trip to Notts for the showy Rough-legged Buzzard saw the hands of fate take a turn.... I was loading the car when I notice a couple of egg like swellings on the side wall of the front nearside tyre. A blow out waiting to happen, I thought? Glad you haven't been anywhere near a motorway said the type fitter! So, whilst I was going to be safe on the roads, I'd lost too much time to drive far today!

Chelmarsh beckoned, I still needed Water Rail for the year and it took about 30 mins before one scuttled in front of the vegetation on the far side of the now flooded scrape!

Was the Red throated Diver stiull there? I scanned the res from the causeway for about 20 mins and ghad all but given up when it popped up from under the near bank!

Another dive and then off.....

It was working a circuit of this end and eventually came back in a bit of sunshine!

I checked out the Gull roost next and from a distane, an interesting 'white headed' Herring type caught my eye. I encountered the same bird at closer quarters and you can imagine what went through my mind in a nano-second ?????? Caspian! (Dodgy record shot through branches of that moment....)

Or is it?? Answers on a post card or comment box on what you see.....