Sunday, 17 July 2016

Throckmorton tip - White Stork!!

It's a lifer Jim but not as we know it......

White Stork has a traditionally been a bogey bird for me and four hours into a vigil on one of the hottest days of the year, this one looked set to join the 'list' of Storks that flew away!

It had been reported flying off high late morning but a few folk leaving the site seemed confident it was still in the area??

Late afternoon then and I had walked to a new vantage point just off the main road (having apparently missed it in flight during the process) joining a couple of birders hoping lady luck would shine?

She did!! As the Stork flew in landing briefly on one of the soil mounds!

I just love the setting and was just hoping it would land on that mattress!!

Here we go?

But no, it was gone out of view behind the mounds again......

A smaller crop of the first image!

I was expecting it in a field or even as a flyover but not to be..... a lifer Jim.... but not as we know it.....

All I need now is a Terek Sandpiper to erase the other key bogey from my memory??