Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Preseli Hills - Southern Damselfly

There wasn't much time and the cloud was getting thicker as I made my way east into the Preseli Hills and with nothing other than a couple of likely access points to the moorland. The Brynberian Turn didn't look to offer easy access so I carried on driving until I eventually found a cattle grid (and a small parking space) right next to the wide open moorland - perfect!!

It was overcast and occasional drizzle which didn't augur well for Southern Damselfly and I'd found a few wet flushes but really needed some permanent habitat! It's amazing how these habitats manage to have produce running water with no obvious source but after tramping for half a mile or of  dry moorland so I chanced upon this tiny stream!!

It looked perfect but nothing was on the wing......  after 15 minutes or so, I found an unusual female type Damsel which turned out to be a Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly. Not a bad find but not my target for today!

And then Yayyyy! I somehow locked onto a tiny flash of blue in the vegetation and the mercury sign on segment 2 was beaming out at me!

A couple of close-up shots to confirm - male Southern Damselfly - on the UK Damsel list :-)

Going in a bit closer, the detail in the segment 2 can be seen.....

Another 30 mins of searching produced this immature male but sadly no females! It wasn't the best of days and I was more than happy with the result!

There we go, one of the rarest and threatened of the UK Damselfly species. The Preseli hills seem to be holding onto it's status as a classic habitat and long may that continue......

Seeing that female Scarce Blue-tailed Damsel reminds me - I'm overdue a check of Titterstone Clee when I return home??