Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Farne Islands - Puffins and fish!!

Time to try and put all the ingredients together for interesting Puffin pics? Fish and flight to be precise! It sets the individual out from the crowd?

Individuals loafing around with their bill full maybe fed up of the attentions of Gulls probably lurking near the burrow?

Might as well take the weight off ones feet!

But the real action and challenge is freezing the flight of incoming birds, bills stuffed with food for their young! With up to 400 beats per minute at 50 mph it isn't exactly point and shoot!

Frame fillers, slowing down for glide in.....

Or maybe an occasional head on shot? The wind direction was not very helpful in that respect!

And finally a close up or two, ensuring the maximum number of eyes on view!

A mixed cloud / blue sky day weather wise! The good news is the sun will be shining all day tomorrow and I'm on the all day trip......

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