Sunday, 5 July 2015

Catherton Common - Golden-ringed dragonfly

Yep, target number two was nailed well and truly with a female Golden-ringed Dragonfly busy ovipositing in a slack corner of the stream.Almost certainly the best prolonged views I can remember! That doesn't translate into photographs sadly as the light was quite gloomy and she was constantly on the move! Here's the best I could do!

Hovering almost vertically above the water......

Then vigorously stabbing its abdomen tip into the mud as she laid eggs below the water surface - the motion blur is deliberate :-)

I actually froze this moment whilst laying onto a leaf!

After she had completed here business, time to concentrate on  the males, there were roughly 10 along the stretch we walked

Going a little closer....

Now that's one confiding male!!

If there's a more charismatic resident Dragonfly in the UK, take me to it! (OK maybe an Azure Hawker?) So that was two down and one to go! It's prime time for the county's scarcest breeding Damselfly but also one of the trickiest to locate!

While you're contemplating what it is, here's one of my favourite songs from 2012 (the last time I went looking for and found target no 3) I need to exorcise the Demons of not looking for them since! Imagine Dragons.......

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