Sunday, 5 July 2015

Cramer Gutter - Tabanus sudeticus

Before we go to target no 3......

What the hell is that!! Reaction to the latin name or the great big insect that came buzzing around the gutter stream? Martyn thought it was a hornet, after photographing it, I realised it clearly wasn't!  It was as big as a hornet or even bigger and when I actually realised what it was I should have run a mile rather than getting with 6" of it!

Tabanus sudeticus is the biggest, meanest Horsefly you are ever likely to see! It's certainly not common and the first I've ever seen. It has a common name - the Dark Giant Horsefly - easy to see why!

Can you spot it in this general view of Bog Asphodel? Of course you can!! What a monster!

Unsuspecting me - getting uncomfortably close to a tribe I normally treat with the utmost respect.....

OMG, those sabre like razor sharp mouth parts are designed to tear into the hide of cattle/horses to reveal the flesh below while it drinks up the blood.

Once attached it doesn't easily let go.... It's the stuff of horror films!

It retreated under a leaf and then appeared to be having a snooze?

I was tempted to give it a nudge but I'm rather glad I let sleeping Tabanus sudeticus's lie?

From what I've read up on it - apparently the 'heaviest fly in Europe' especially when it's had a drink!! It rarely attacks humans (thank goodness) but if you had one attached to your back (which is the modus operandi) you are in for some serious painful problems and potential nasty infections!!

So now you know..... give them a wide berth! 

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