Thursday, 2 July 2015


I have Tom Lowe to thank for alerting me to unusual meteorological activity in the shire! It was scorching hot, a stiff wind was blowing and the elements had conspired to brew up a cloud phenomenon rarely seen in the UK....

Altocumulus Standing Lenticular (ACSL) or Lenticular clouds to keep things simple. They were initially visible Condover way but were heading north so I took a drive to the outskirts of Shrewsbury where I could see a formation quite close. Problem was, I hadn't got a landscape lens with me, just the phone or a 100mm lens!

Here's a phone shot.....

And with the 100mm lens, a bit closer to see the 'layered' lens-like structure.

There were more examples as I drove over to Haughmond to get a bit of height......

UFO's maybe, I can see whales! They certainly were the most astonishing formations I've seen in a long time!

There's only one song (or maybe 2) I can think of to accompany this post?? You either love or hate Kate Bush, there's no middle ground!

But even if you cant appreciate what she's about, check out the dude-hubble bins she's testing out 40 secs into  'The big Sky'!!

Know anyone who's got a pair?

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